Boxing Clever

Put yourself into a fabulous Life in a Box picture. Unique 30′ x 30′ wall art guaranteed for 75 years..

A unique snapshot of your family and a great experience that is all about fun. Truly ‘Life in a Box’.

Life in the Box pictures make fabulous wall art that will give you a lot of pleasure for a long time. We have our family picture at the bottom of the staircase, and every time I walk past it, I notice something different that makes me smile.

I hate having my photo taken

These sessions are great fun for all the family, no matter what age you and the kids are. From granny to grandchildren a Life in a Box session brings out the character in everyone. It’s a great way to capture your family without the posing.

We’re so busy, we just don’t have time?

Life in a Box sessions are designed to be short and fun. Generally the photography is completed within 45 minutes. including all the costume changes etc.

What do I get?

I don’t want anything to get in the way of giving your family a great experience that you will enjoy remembering for years to come. This means that I offer an all inclusive package covering all our interactions, all my work and a fabulous 30′ x 30′ framed canvas picture. My supplier provides a 75 year guarantee too!

Your picture will be printed by a top quality Australian lab and supplied ready to hang on archival-quality canvas that will look as good in 75 years as it does today.

The canvas is a heavy-weight 450gsm, free of artificial whiteners and offers amazing colour and definition. The frame is made with premium, double-profiled meranti hardwood. The double-beveled profile means your print sits flush against the wall, and the outline of the timber won’t show through the front of the canvas. The image is printed with genuine Canon pigment inks which produce high-definition images with crisp tones and vibrant colours. This ink/canvas combination has been tested by an independent research lab to last 75 years without fading.

Finally, the print is laminated with a  coat of UV-protective, waterproof and antifungal laminate, ensuring your canvas print will last well into the future. On the back, the print is finished with acid-free frame tape and gallery-quality hooks, screws and wire.

How much?

I keep things simple and offer a single, all inclusive price. At AUD975 this is really great value for such a premium product. At 30′ x 30′ the picture really has wow!

We love, love, love our Box photo!

Thank you so much for making it so easy and fun.


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