We are lucky

Today I was sitting at my desk busy updating my website. As an update saved, I noticed today’s date and my brain immediately jumped to thoughts of Remembrance Day.

It’s now one hundred and two years since the end of the Great War. Of course, that’s such a long time ago, and a lot has changed. Just as the start of the Great War in 1914 suddenly changed the lives of our Edwardian ancestors, so the Covid19 pandemic has changed our world this year.

Gone are the carefree days of last summer, the full stadia for Big Bash Cricket, the freedom to travel across the globe on a whim and so much else that we simply took for granted.

These hardships are first world problems – a small curtailment of our fortunate circumstances. The pandemic does not discriminate. Countries rich and poor are suffering. Some communities more than others, its true. Many people, from all nations, are labelled as vulnerable, and live in fear and isolation. The threat of Covid is real.

We are fortunate to be in Australia. Our Covid infection and mortality rates are low. I can even enjoy a freshly brewed coffee, the sun streaming through my studio window, as I work.

I am thankful to those who enable this. Especially all of our frontline workers – our medical staff, care workers, teachers, bus drivers, refuse collectors and more; who continue to work, despite the increased risk of catching Covid that working brings to them and their families. Thankful too to fellow citizens who respect the boundaries our government have set.

Our hardships are nothing compared to our forebears. As with the Great War, the pandemic will pass. Friends and family who are currently separated, will be able to meet together again. Until then telephone, zoom, facetime, email and good old pigeon post letters help keep us in touch. Our family photos remind us of happier times.

I’m always delighted when clients tell me how much they love their pictures. I hope my pictures are still a little bit helpful to them now. So please, keep taking pictures on your phones, and keep using professional photographers too. You never know when you’ll need your happy memories most.

JW 11/11/2020

Published by Jonathan

Husband, Father, Son, Cub Leader, Photographer, Banker and Auditor with a passion for Cars, Motorsport, Football (Soccer) and NRL.

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